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Mindy Myers is a top Democratic media strategist with a record of winning tough elections.  For more than two decades, Mindy has brought her smart strategic thinking and deep knowledge of every aspect of a campaign to candidates and causes who, with her help, beat even the toughest odds. Her undefeated record as a campaign manager includes overcoming opponents with huge financial and political advantages to help her candidates win. As the first woman to serve as the Executive Director, she led the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) in 2018, winning a historic special election in Alabama and picking up seats in Arizona and Nevada. In 2020, Mindy was a key advisor to then-Senator Kamala Harris during the vice presidential selection process.

She understands how to fight and win competitive media battles, make the tough budget decisions, integrate innovative digital into all aspects of the campaign, and build and empower grassroots organizing armies. She also knows that the best campaigns are disciplined and stay authentic to the candidate.

Her extensive experience includes the top levels of government where she has served at the White House, for the Senate Democratic Majority Leader, and as Chief of Staff to two U.S. Senators. In 2016, she directed the independent expenditures of the DSCC, running an $80 million message and media operation that helped win new Democratic seats in New Hampshire and Nevada. Senator Elizabeth Warren called Mindy “a smart tough, steady leader who knows how to fight and win.”

Mindy led Senator Warren’s first campaign (2012), one of the most hotly contested races in the country and the only Democratic defeat of a Republican Senate incumbent that year. She managed Senator Richard Blumenthal’s (D-CT) winning 2010 campaign against a then record-breaking $50 million spent by Linda McMahon, of World Wrestling Entertainment. In 2008, she helped deliver New Hampshire as State Director for the Obama campaign in the general election. And in 2006, she led Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s defeat of popular Republican incumbent Lincoln Chafee, managing the race that helped Democrats take back control of the U.S. Senate.  

Mindy has also served as: Chief of Staff to Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse; Senior Advisor and Political Director for former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle; Deputy Director for Constituency Outreach during the Gore 2000 campaign; and Special Assistant in the White House Legislative Affairs Office of President William J. Clinton.

Mindy grew up in Lancaster, PA and attended American University in Washington, DC.



For 30 years Sarah has been writing, directing and producing change making media for some of the nation’s most consequential campaigns and causes, including the successful 2020 Biden/ Harris campaign. With her own strategic and creative services production company, Z Tribeca, Sarah has made memorable media for innumerable politicians and causes.  Over her career she has worked on 6 Presidential Campaigns: Biden/Harris 2020, Obama/Biden 2012, Hillary Clinton 2008 and 2016, Kerry/Edwards 2004, Clinton/Gore 1992.


She has also worked on numerous senatorial, gubernatorial, congressional, and mayoral races, as well as advocacy campaigns on a wide range of important issues over the last thirty years: Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Mitch Landrieu, The One Campaign,, Human Rights Campaign, Fuels America and The Alliance for Climate Protection to name a few. She has brought her passion for change to the most important issues of our time ,including health care, gun control, the environment, education, equality, civil rights and women’s rights.

She began her career in Washington DC edit rooms and filming all over the country, working with the best media consultants in politics. She first worked at Squier Eskew Knapp and later at Grunwald Eskew Donilon, collaborating with Shrum Devine Donilon, GMMB, AKPD, Kivvit and SKD Knickerbocker.

Her work goes beyond the political realm, including writing, directing, and producing media at CBS News advertising and promotion. Today she collaborates with candidates, businesses, trade associations, unions, PR companies, TV networks, democratic media consultants and ad agencies to produce creative, inspiring, and effective media across all mediums.

Sarah is renowned for her ability to bring diverse creative teams together to create the most impactful work. She excels at working with real people to tell real stories that move audiences and make a message connect. Equally at home in digital, long-form media, and commercial work, she understands the importance of all screens and produces fully integrated digital media campaigns.

She grew up in Western Massachusetts, attended The Catholic University of America in Washington DC, and now lives in New York with her husband, three children and black lab Tahoe.




Danny Kazin has over a decade of experience running large and aggressive media programs and helping Democrats win close, competitive elections across the country.


He oversaw American Bridge’s paid media program in the 2022 cycle, employing innovative tactics and research to create advertising and news media that voters trust – and helping statewide Democrats to big wins in states like Georgia, Kansas, and Wisconsin. He also launched and managed the inaugural print program for the American Independent, growing the progressive publication into the most widely-distributed print newspaper in America. Prior to that he helped hold the House majority at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He served as both the Deputy Executive Director for Campaigns — building and overseeing the political, candidate fundraising, field, and analytics departments — and as the Director of the Independent Expenditure. As IE Director, he ran the DCCC’s largest-ever investment in both digital and constituency media, including their first-ever African American-targeted cable ads and in-language TV ads in Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Korean.


Danny also has served as a campaign manager and strategist for many of the top races in the country. In 2018 he managed the U.S. Senate campaign in Nevada for Jacky Rosen, helping her become the only candidate in America that year to unseat a Republican Senator and the first Nevadan to unseat an incumbent Senator in thirty years. Danny has also served as a senior advisor to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, DCCC regional political director, and a campaign manager in successful congressional and local races ranging from New York to California. He is a member of the American Association of Political Consultant’s 40 Under 40 class of 2022.


Danny was born in Maryland and attended Columbia University in New York. He now lives in northwest Washington DC with his wife Barb.

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